12 Days of Freebies Day 8! Reindeer Food Toppers

Today’s 12 days of Freebies printable is for your little ones!  Reindeer Food Toppers and a bonus Magic Reindeer Food Recipe!

I’m not sure where this tradition or recipe got started but we first learned about it when our oldest was in Elementary School about 10 years ago.  She made some in class and we had to sprinkle it around our front steps before she would go to bed that night so that the reindeer could find her house.
To make Reindeer Food you will need:
-We recommend printing on card stock (but if you’re in a pinch regular printer paper is ok.)

-Our Printable Reindeer Food Toppers PDF (Prints 2 Per Sheet)

-Stapler or Double Sided Tape

-Treat Bags, Sandwich Bags or Snack Bags

-(uncooked) Oatmeal (Rolled Oats)

-Red Glitter or Red Sugar Sprinkles (If you are worried about birds eating the glitter use sprinkles)

If you want to get creative or have left over candy sprinkles, other sugar sprinkles colors (preferably green), small candy pieces, etc. from baking Christmas Cookies you can let the kids toss some of those in as well. If you’re a crafter and have some extra green, gold and/or silver glitter those are also acceptable additions.

(Just remember whatever gets put in is going to be dumped in your yard. 👌)

First Print and cut out your Reindeer Toppers. (HINT: Top and Bottom of each topper should stay together. So you can fold them in half to attach to your bags.)

Scoop 1/2 cup of oatmeal into (each of) your snack bag(s).

Next, let them add sprinkles, glitter, candy, etc. into their bags.  After they have a decent amount of sprinkles (etc,) in their bag, seal it up.

Let them shake the bags to help mix in the sprinkles, etc.

Add the free printable reindeer food bag topper by stapling or taping it to the top of the sealed bag.


On Christmas Eve they sprinkle the contents of the bag outside.

The Reindeer Food Bag Topper PDF file can be found HERE


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