Tuesday, December 18, 2018

12 Days of Freebies: Day 6 Whimsical Ornament Print

We're 6 days into our 12 Days of Freebies and here is your Free Printable for Day 6!  A whimsical Christmas Print featuring 3D style round ornaments.

This print is very similar to this one we use to paint and personalize on canvas.  It has always been one of our favorites and very popular.  
So we decided to redesign it in digital format for you here.
The 16x20" 300 dpi high resolution jpg features 4 ornaments in various patterns on a lime green background with a black and white polka dot border.
You can print as a 16x20" an 8x10" or a 4x5" using the 16x20" jpg.
Other variations of this print are available for purchase in the Etsy Shop

You can download this print HERE

All Printables on this website are free for personal use for yourself or as gifts for family and friends. Commercial Use is Prohibited.

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