Thursday, January 3, 2019

Our Custom Gifts this Holiday Season, Coming Soon

January 03, 2019 0

Moms are sometimes the hardest people to shop for on Birthdays and Holidays.  Or atleast mine is since if she wants it she usually just goes ahead and buys it for herself.

This year we created her a family tree style design but only included their prides and joy "The Grandchildren"
We chose a Navy background for this one since Navy is one of those colors that  can blend into almost any color scheme.  We also made the tree trunk white instead of the normal brown so it would stand out against the Navy and Black.

(This is the printable before printing)

We ended up making a few of these for other relatives and were very pleased with the way they turned out in the inexpensive matted frames we picked up from BigLots. (The frames were around $10-$11) Walmart and Target have similar frames for around the same price.

We used 8x10" Prints we had printed at Walgreens. (For around $2 each)  The frames were 11x14"  with a mat the image area is 8x10"  They still look great with or without the mat.  It depends on your personal preference, availability and budget.  

Here is another one we created for another family member to give as a gift.  She chose a standard 8x10" white frame for hers.

This one was another variation we made of the same tree for a family instead of grandparents.

We will be adding these to the Etsy Shop Soon with a few small changes.

All Printables on this website are free for personal use for yourself or as gifts for family and friends. Commercial Use is Prohibited.

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