My Other Sites

Crafting Inspiration

icreatesohard Blogger

My former Blog with a handful of my first printables and creations I’m planning to move all the post to this site in the future.

icreatesohard Portfolio

Here you can find photos of my designs from headbands, to vinyl to canvas.  I was never really happy with the layout of this site. But it does have photos of all my designs in one place.

If you want to view individual categories of some my creations you can view them in the following albums on Google Photos.

Gamer Sites

Sassy Southern Sims

Second only to GTA San Andreas, The Sims is one of my all time favorite games.  Sassy Southern Sims on Tumblr is where you can find my custom recolors for the Sims 4.  Sassy Southern Sims features Sims Clothing and Decor with a slightly southern flair.


Star Wars Galaxies Design Site

Back before I had 2 children my hubby and I played SWG.  While the game is no longer available I am posting a link to this site for those (like my hubby) who are currently playing the new SWG style games for ideas and inspiration.  {My Galactic Showcase House from April 2008 is also featured in the Gallery 😉 }