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Every time my sister in law and family, who live out of state, come down to NC to visit my mother in law we get a phone call asking for their network password.  We set it up years ago for them with a password they picked out and wrote down but they can never remember it when they need it.  Our Solution:

I’m sharing it with all of you for personal use. {As always please do not upload to other sites and/or claim as your own work.}  Watermark is not on downloaded images.  It is downloadable as a 5×7 300 dpi jpg or an 8×10 300 dpi jpg.

You can use any image editor that adds text to add the network id/password or you can write it in with a sharpie. Print it and pop it in frame. Great for guest rooms especially during the holidays!

5×7 Download

8×10 Download

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