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Please Note: If you are personalizing an item on a mobile device, you are limited to only replacing the text and replacing images. You will need to use a desktop or laptop computer to access additional features. 


To begin editing text on your design in the Corjl Mobile Editor, click on the EDIT TEXT button in the bottom left corner. This will open up a text editing box that will allow you to delete or edit the text. Clicking the NEXT button will automatically move to the next textbox available for editing.

You can also begin by double-tapping on the text you would like to edit and this will open the text editor box as well.


Moving Text – Text can be moved (if available for your design) by touching the text and dragging it to a new area.

Remove Unwanted Text – To remove unwanted text on the design, simply double-tap on the unwanted text and delete in the text editing box.

Resize – To resize text, select by tapping on the text you wish to resize and use the grey corner anchors to drag it inward or outward.

Rotate – Tap on the text you want to tilt or rotate and touch the white circle above it. While holding down on the white circle, rotate your finger in the direction you want to rotate the text.


While we include all the possible ways Corjl allows to customize your template not all templates will use all options.  You can check the listing you purchased from to see what options are allowed for your design.

Update Image.jpg

Resize or Rotate – You can resize or rotate a graphic or image using the same steps as resizing or rotating a text box outlined above.

Replace an Image or Graphic – To replace an image or graphic on the design, double-tap on the image you wish to replace. The Update Image box will appear. Click where it says Click Here to Browse for Image to find an image on your device. Then click OK to replace the existing image with the image from your device.



Design Menu to access the Design Menu, touch the icon with three white lines in the upper left corner of the screen. Here you will find Instructions and any additional designs that may have been included in your purchase. You can select a different design by swiping up to scroll through the options.


Undo– To undo a mistake,  tap the Undo icon on the bottom lower left of the screen. This will undo any recent changes made to the template.

Revert to Original – To start over again, tap the Revert to Original icon on the bottom lower right of the screen. This will undo all changes and set the template back to the original layout. Once selected, you will be asked if you are sure. Click  REVERT to undo changes and revert to the original layout.


Saving Your Changes- When you are done making changes to the design, tap on the “Save” icon.  You can save as many times as you like, just be sure to do a final save before downloading.

Downloading– When you are ready to download, tap the “Download” icon from the bottom menu.   The number indicates the number of times the item may be downloaded.  When you tap the Download button, the Download Design window will open and you will be able to select your download options.

  • PDF File Options

    • Choose Paper Size – If downloading as a PDF, select the paper size. (The size of the design will remain the same regardless of the paper size chosen.)

    • Page # – If your design has multiple pages, you can select which page you would like to download or select “All” to download all pages at once.

    • Show Bleed/Trim Marks – Your design may include a bleed (.125 extra edge around the design). You can choose whether or not to include the bleed and/or trim marks allow for easier trimming.

    • Enable Multiples Per Page – Select Print Multiples Per Page when working with smaller templates (gift tags, 4x6, 5x7 designs etc.) and the design will download with multiple copies onto the designated paper size selected.

  • JPEG File Options

    • Show Bleed – You can choose to add a bleed to your image. Please check with your printer to determine if necessary.

    • Page # – If your design has multiple pages, you can select which page you would like to download; or you can download all the page files either individually or in a zipped file.

Download Options – After selecting the file type, tap the NEXT button to download the file. You can choose to either download the file directly to your mobile device, or have the file sent to you by email.  If emailing the file, type in your email address in the field labeled “Email Address” then tap SEND EMAIL.


The download location is different for every phone or mobile device.

For example, when downloading on some phones, you will get an option asking where they want to open the file.

Android phones usually have a Downloads folder where you can find your downloads.

iPhones have a built-in app called "Files" to store downloaded files. 

We recommend that you select the Email me the Download option and have the downloaded file(s) sent to your email address.

Printing – If you are printing at home, be sure that the file prints at 100% or Actual Size in the print settings (Scale to Fit).  If you are printing at a photo lab/print shop, save the file to a USB flash drive, SD card or email depending on the printer’s requirements.


PDF files print best on card stock paper. JPEG files can be printed on card stock or photo paper; be sure that the prints ordered are the same dimensions as the design.

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