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We've partnered with Corjl to make it faster and easier for you to customize your digital purchases from our shop.

With Corjl you can edit your purchases right in your browser on your PC or Mobile device within minutes of purchase with no special apps or software to install.

It's quick and easy to customize, save and print your items with

The Printed Peony & Corjl.

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How to access your purchase

After purchasing a personalized item from our shop,

Corjl will immediately send out an email message to the email associated with your Etsy account.


The message will contain a link, which you can use to log in and access your purchased items.


If you are using Apple Pay and opted to use the "Hide My Email" feature when paying, then Corjl is not able to send the order email to your email address.  

Contact us on Etsy and we can send you the link manually.

Alternately you can also visit and enter your order number to login and edit your items

Corjl Log In.jpg

Logging in to Corjl is quick and easy. 

Just enter the email used with your purchase and select a password.

If you have purchased items from our shop or another shop that uses Corjl you will use the same Login you used previously.  (unless you have a different email address)


To see past orders (including those from other shops), after you log in to your account, click on the drop down menu where it says Orders in the upper right hand corner. Select View Orders, then choose the item you want to personalize.


Please Note: If you are personalizing an item on a mobile device, you are limited to only replacing the text and replacing images. You will need to use a desktop or laptop computer to access additional features. (Please see our mobile page for full mobile instructions.)  


 Google Chrome and/or the latest version of Microsoft Edge are the recommended when using Corjl. Not all features may be available or show in other browsers.

Login to Corjl
Editing Your Purchase

While our instructions cover all the features Corjl offers for you to customize your purchase not all designs will use all features listed. You can check the listing for your purchase to see what items are customizable for your particular template.  You can use the menu to jump to the section(s) you are interested in learning more about.


To quickly edit existing text double click directly on the text you want to change or delete.


 You can also personalize text by selecting it, then typing in the text box located in the tools panel on the right hand side of the page.


To add a new text box, click on Add Text Box in the tools panel.

Editing Text

Color – Select the text you want to change and click on the color rectangle in the tools panel to choose a new color or select a color from the provided preset color palette.

You can also select a color from the design directly by clicking on a colored area with the “eye dropper” tool.

Size – To resize the text select the text you want to resize, then choose a number or enter it in the drop-down box in the tools panel.

Text Options

The following text editing options will not be used in most of our templates but are available to use if you choose to do so.


Character and Line Height – To adjust the spacing between letters and lines select the text you want to change, then click on the line or height spacing icons and adjust using the sliding bars or by manually entering a number.


Resize as Image – Select this option to be able to change the shape of a text box as if it were an image. Once checked, you can stretch and compress the text. Unchecking the box will undo any changes.

Glyphs - Use the Glyphs button to open the different glyphs avaiable for that font. Click on the glyph you want to add and then click the copy button. Once copied, go back to the text and click where you want to add the character and click Ctrl/Cmd+V to paste the glyph into the text.


The following text editing options will not be used in most of our templates but are available to use if you choose to do so.

 To make adjustments to your font style select the text you want to edit and choose a different style option from the drop-down box in the tools panel. You can select from the following font style options:

Font Stylizing Options

Drop Shadow – To add a shadow to your text select the text you want to add a drop shadow to, next click on Style Text in the tools panel and select Drop Shadow. You can change the color, offsets and blur of the shadow in this menu


Stroke (outline) – To add an outline to your text select the text you want to add an outline to, next click on Style Text in the tools panel and select Stroke. You can change the color, distance (thickness) and opacity of the outline.

Curved – To create a curved text effect select the text you want to curve and select either a full Circle shape or an Arc. Adjust the degree of curve you want with the slider.

Outer Glow – To add an outer glow effect to your text select the text, next click on Style Text, then select Outer Glow. You can change the color and distance (thickness) of the glow.

Gradient – To add a gradient effect to your text select the text , next click on Style Text in the tools panel, then select Gradient from the menu. Select a start and end color in the color boxes (or choose Transparent), then adjust the angle of the gradient using the dial.

Opacity – To adjust the transparency of your text select the text, then click on Style Text and select Opacity from the  menu. From here you can enter a number or use the slide bar adjust the opacity.

Rotation –  To rotate text select the text box  and use the slider to rotate the text.  You can also rotate text by hovering the mouse over the small white circle at the top of the text box until a circular arrow appears and circling the mouse.

Blend Mode – To change how text and graphics blend with the background or other elements you can use a different “blend mode.” You can choose from the following blending options from the Blend Mode menu: Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Darken, Lighten, Color Dodge, Color Burn, Hard Light, Soft Light, Difference, or Exclusion. 

right click.png

Right clicking on a text box will allow you to Cut, Copy, Paste, or Delete the text box. You can also Duplicate a text box and Flip it horizontally. Additional option are:


Dynamic – The Dynamic setting (currently the default setting) allows the text box width to resize along with the text inside of it. Unchecking this option will leave the text box width the same size regardless of the size of the text inside

View – Allows you to Show Rulers on the artboard and Zoom In or Zoom Out. You can also use the “magnifying glass” icons at the top of the page to zoom in or out.

Rotate – With the Rotate option you can choose to rotate a text box either 90, 180, or 270 degrees.  Selecting 0 degrees will return the textbox to its original position. 

Right Click Menu Options

Align to Artboard – Use these options to align a text box to the top, bottom, far left, far right, vertical center or horizontal center of the artboard.

Change Background

Not all templates include alternate backgrounds.

You can view and choose from the included backgrounds by either selecting Edit Background. A new window will popup and you can choose from the background options included with your template.

The Edit Background button will only appear in the menu options if your design has this option.

change BG.PNG
Duplicate Page

Not all templates include duplicate page option.


The Duplicate Page Option allows you to quickly and easily make multiple copies of your template with different personalization on each page.

If this option is turned on for your template the icon will be above your artboard next to the page number.

Add Images

Prepare – If your image needs to be cropped, make sure to do so before uploading.  Depending on the size of the file, you may need to resize it before uploading it as well. Most designs will only allow images up to 6 MB.

Add Images –Upload a graphic or photo by clicking on the Add New Image button in the tools panel. If offered, you can select from images provided by the designer, or upload your own. You can adjust the size and rotate the image.

Replace – To replace an existing image, click on it and you will see a button in the tools panel that says Replace Image. Upload your image and it will replace the existing image. Your seller may have provided extra images as well that you can choose from to replace.

Fixing Mistakes

Undo Button – You can go back a step (or steps) by clicking the Undo button in the Tools Panel.


Redo Button – Change your mind? Click on the Redo button next to it.


Revert to Original – You can revert all changes back to the original version of the design by clicking the revert to original button located on the far left.

Saving Design

Saving Your Changes – When you are done with your changes to the design, click on the Save Changes button, located on the far left of the page.

  • You may save as many times as you like, make sure to do a final save before downloading.

  • If there is a red star next to the title of the design, it means that there are changes that have not been saved.

  • The downloaded file cannot be edited. If you need to make additional changes, do so and then save and download again.


Downloading – Click the Download button on the far left menu to begin the download process. 

  • The number above the download icon indicates the number of times you can download your files.

  • If you are in need of more downloads, please contact us.

When you click the Download button, the Download Design window will open and you will be able to select your download options.

Downloading Your File

PDF File Options

  • Choose Paper Size – If downloading as a PDF, select the paper size. (The size of the design will remain the same regardless of the paper size chosen.)

  • Add Bleed/Trim Marks – (.125 extra edge around the design). You can choose to include the bleed and/or trim marks.  Trim Marks allow for easier trimming.

  • Enable Multiples Per Page – Select Print Multiples Per Page If Possible and the design will download with multiple copies onto the designated paper.

  • Tile Same/Tile Different Design – Use the slider to select Tile Different Design if you are printing cards or tags with different names on each.  If you don't select tile different and enable multiples is selected the same name will be printed multiple times on each page.

  • Download and Print – Click the Download PDF button to download. (Both front and back files will download, if applicable to your design.)

After downloading, find the file in your Downloads folder.

If you are printing at home, be sure that the file prints at 100% or Actual Size in the print settings (Scale to Fit).

If you are printing at a print shop, save the file to a USB flash drive, SD card or email depending on the printer’s requirements. 


JPG File Options

  • Show Bleed – You can choose to add a bleed to your image. Please check with your printer to determine if necessary.

  • Page # – If your design has multiple pages, you can select which page you would like to download; or you can download all the page files either individually or in a zipped file.

  • Download and Print –After downloading, find the file in your Downloads folder.

If ordering prints online, upload the image directly from your computer.

You can also save the image to a USB flash drive or SD card and take it into a photo center to print.

Be sure that the prints ordered are the same dimensions as the  design. 

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